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  1. Hi, can you please share the hq images of Gracie Carvalho from VSFS 2010? I am searching her pics since last 1 week but all the pics which you have posted are unable to open now. 

  2. Ana is on the cover of this weekend's Telegraph Magazine! Here are the photos released so far: telegraph.co.uk My copy is on its way to me - but due to the bank holiday Jubilee weekend, I probably won't get it until next Thursday or so - expect HQ scans when I have it though!
  3. New candids! HQs - Ana on Miami Beach, March 17 2012
  4. Some recent candids! Out and about in New York, March 7 2012
  5. New candids! Want those boots... HQs modelcandids.com
  6. Finally had time to sit down and grab some VF pics! First of all, MQs! filmmagic.com
  7. Finally got my hands on a copy of Vogue Brazil Feb 2012! Here's HQ scans of the cover and first ed, the second one coming soon! HQs - Vogue Brazil February 2012 Scans by me, all are a minimum of 2,000 pixels in size. Feel free to use or repost anywhere, just please don't remove the tag!
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