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  1. Piranha_heart

    Farzan Athari

    He's Cute! More Pics- - - - - - - -
  2. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    yea me too
  3. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    He was on a show and the judges told him he was too muscular.Here's the video link: http://www.zippyvideos.com/703363842302090...sidy_r_u_hot_1/ In the video they said he was 21 but I dont know when they did that show cus i heard it was somewhere in 2003 but it definitly means he's in his early 20s ....or maybe late 20s
  4. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    I actually have no idea how old he is.There's not much info on him.
  5. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    hehehe.....yea,definitly a body you dont see everyday lol but he's a cutie....well...atleast to me
  6. Piranha_heart

    Sara Maldonado

    She is very pretty.I like her eyes.
  7. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    Check out these other pics
  8. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    Yea He is in really good shape! They're HUGE!!!! Are they too big?
  9. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    Yea He is in really good shape!
  10. Piranha_heart


    Adriana Looks lovely in this picture.
  11. Piranha_heart

    Sean Cassidy

    This hot guy was seen on vh1's strip search.He works in the Las Vegas show American Storm.
  12. Piranha_heart

    Barbara Mori

    Barbara Mori And Her Son