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  1. If she was being pressured by her agents to lose weight then it probably wasn't in her own hands. Sure, she could have decided to eat properly but then what? If her agents wanted her to lose and she didn't then no more bookings. No more bookings means no more modelling, and maybe that was her dream career. There are two types of anorexia, I've noticed: pro-ana, where you choose to be anorexic and know about the consequences but choose to do it because you consider it to be a 'lifestyle'. Most pro-anas share tips and tricks and whatnot, posting 'thinspo' to their online journals or whatever and talking with other 'anas'. It's a fad that's becoming really popular on xanga, livejournal, greatestjournal, etc, and it's really dangerous because all these people are influencing each other to lose weight dramatically. Then there's the type where you're just so oblivious and naive that you don't think you're even doing anything wrong or harming your body. If she had the second type, then I doubt it would have even crossed her mind that she was going through the same thing that her sister was. If anything, I think the death of her sister probably would have made it worse. Whenever something bad happens to me I relapse and refuse to eat, so maybe this was the same for her? However, it's very hard to say how the situation went so I'm not trying to judge. I agree with you completely. I think that it's bringing more attention to anorexia.
  2. Morgan Quinn Natasha Poly Nicola Trunfino I might be wrong... Vlada Roslyakova
  3. Daria Werbowy Elise Crombez Eugenia Volodina Hana Soukupova Heather Marks Jessica White Karen Elson Karolina Kurkova Marija Vujovic I love how the DNA polaroids are done
  4. MariaCarla Boscono Solange Wilvert :| Alyssa Sutherland
  5. Anja Rubik Cecilia Mendez pretty Du Juan Emina Cunmalaj
  6. I've been diagnosed with an ED, so I know what you're saying. It's life-long, really; you don't recover completely. It could have been not just anorexia that killed her. Maybe she just wasn't taught how to balance her diet, so didn't get the right vitamins and whatnot. She just died. :\ Maybe show some respect.
  7. she's so blonde in that picture, but sooo gorgeous. her eyes are very cat-like
  8. I equally like all three of the categories, but Alessandra gets my vote.
  9. i'll post more pictures tomorrow imagevenue isn't loading and i have no patience for imageshack
  10. place of origin: Oxford, UK birthdate: March 16 1988 hair: Brown eyes: Brown height: 185cm / 6'1" agencies Mother Agency: ICM
  11. {name}

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    Canon, played by funtwo He's that NZ guy on youtube (search 'canon, washington' I think?) who plays the guitar so well.
  12. Vancouver, BC, Canada host of the 2010 Winter Olympics :dance:
  13. She looks perfect in every dress Thank you for the pictures!
  14. Me tooo! They're so eyecatching You're welcome.
  15. 1.Cheryl Tweedy (10) 2.Petra Nemcova (10) 3.Natalie Maines (10) 4.Adriana Karembeu (10) 5.Melania Knauss Trumpv (10) 6.Ivanka Trump (10) 7.Hayden Panettiere (10) 8.Ali Larter (10) 9.A.J. Cook (10) 10.Carrie Underwood (9)
  16. so sorry if repost! http://www.vogue.co.uk/Shows/Video/Default.aspx?showID=3265 I hope this works. Doutzen talks at about.. 6:10 into the movie
  17. omgomg!! thank youuu! he looks so smooth on the runway. did you see the video of him tripping? he didn't fall flat on his face, but his feet got tangled or something...
  18. that first express one... thanks, brenlynn!
  19. Well, I'll admit she's had nicer ones.. :|
  20. Givenchy HC Christian Dior HC makhiukwan at tfs; imaxtree
  21. Zac Posen fw07 Anna Sui fw07 makhiukwan at tfs
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