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  1. Any pics of Hermann ?? Did he make it to the show ?
  2. I like the hair from the after party. Its something different. I appreciate that she does different things with her hair unlike say Erin Heatherton and Elsa Hosk who pretty much wear the same hairstyle to every event.
  3. Haha i dreamt about Candice getting married today and i was invited to the weding. It was just plain weird
  4. No doubt Bregje has the best body of any model working at VS after Candice. I mean WOW her body is just ...
  5. She just had a baby. Congrats Cris !!!
  6. Like a naked video ? i hope its not too bad.
  7. Wow. Candice dont give a f*ck anymore dont she?
  8. Yeah seen the photos but they are nothing too bad. There are way worse photos being released of other people. She's very smart though because she didnt show her face in any of the pictures.
  9. It seems like all models are on their phone in street style photos. I wonder if they are ever actually talking to someone or if that's just part of their pose for street style photos ??
  10. Aww. Look what i found on Instagram . Sorry i don't really know how to upload stuff on BZ properly @michellebenas11 : Milan a million years ago the night these 2 lovers locked eyes without even knowing.
  11. She looks great. Wonder what the occasion is.
  12. That was fantastic. The best thing VS has done in a while. They should make more of those. One with a different girl and different scenario. I think I may have just started like Martha because of that one video. She did very well.
  13. did she get her hair did or is that a wig?
  14. Maybe Karlie is on the way out *fingers crossed* :)
  15. thanks for this information, where did you get it ? when will it be candice's turn? what a cute couple they are with hermann, and he sure does know how to make her happy! That pic was on Fulvia Farolfi's instagram page (a VS makeup artist). She posted it today but then deleted it after but by then the DailyMail already had an article on the picture.
  16. Candice and Hermann are on their way to Behati's wedding in Mexico that where that photo is from. Before they board the private jet to take them there.
  17. Is anybody here from Brasil. Just wondering but is Candice famous over there? i know she's probably not Gisele level famous but is she generally well known ?
  18. anybody know what bejinho nombro means?
  19. Just me or VS hasn't done anything in a while. No new commercials, no press events .... just silence. Are they saving all the money they got for the VSFS in London or what ?
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