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  1. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    I've already seen some backstage pics, and they are GOrgeous I LOVE GISELE, I almost forgot how much and its reeally sad, I havent seen one bit of Eugenia, but Morgane Dubled!AGAIN!?!!!
  2. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    what time will it be in france when the show is being taper?
  3. aaaaaaaaa.....I thought she was from NEw york....??
  4. {name}

    Eugenia Volodina

    YES! It would be a shame BUT IF SHE's THERE!!!!!! Which I really hope so She'll set the catwalk on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And so will ADRIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And...oh nevermind, we've heard this a million times over! thanks for the post!
  5. {name}

    Emina Cunmulaj

    I love this girl in the John Frieda commercial!! She moves like a ballerina! :dance: I wish I knew who she was sooner. I loce her when her hair is down. she looks fuller. When she turns I think she looks too thin Thin like a ninja
  6. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    Yes theres something about isabeli that doesnt settle right :yuckky: anyways!!!! NAomi must be there or this isnt vsfs anymore, its the crappy mccraps show but As long as they dont push ADriana in the back again then I'll be happy :dance:
  7. {name}

    s0 cutte childrens *

    I also thought about that nose... And YES! Gisele was such a cute bald baby!!!!!!
  8. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    bren I am not doubting your IZa powers or anything, but that REALLLLLLLLLLLY looks like ALe!!! Am I going blind?
  9. {name}

    Nataliya Piro

    how tall is this girl?
  10. {name}

    Eugenia Volodina

    the weird thing is, I am addicted to Eugenia, in 2002 vsfs!! I know, I know, she looks much better now, but OMG! HAVE YOU SEEN HER!!!!!!!???????????? and that walk is amazingly sexy!! And Taben, I think it would be a crime against humanity if she wasnt in this years
  11. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    no worries! She will be there, and so will ANA!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Caroline! Damn this girl is only 19!! THat is crazy....anyways I hope this show is the bomb!! Like 2003, ADRI ADRI ADRI ADRI
  12. {name}

    Eugenia Volodina

    OMG! snejana WHO?! Eugenia is waaaaaaaaaay hotter Celine! f/W 06 Sorry fo any repsots DO you guys think Eugenia has been workin out? She looks great!! I mean not that she wasnt before! She just so much better now. I hope she looks hot in vsfs 2006
  13. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    I wa soriginally trying to post this here, but ultimately my browser wouldnt work right, and....I was In Isabelli's thread :oops: well here it is OMG! you guys I just saw Ana Betriz on E! NEws!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said this years show will have a lot of Silvers and metallic colors! Nothing about Carnival, but at least now we know she'll be there, and they showed her in a fitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was trying on this like silver bra, and pannies with all of this silver jewlery draped off of it. Sorta like NAtasha poly's outF in the russian bell segment of 2005 vsfs, and like Adrianas Bikini in 2000, and they asked her about justin Timberlake, and she said HE was gorgeous Iwish you guys coulda saw it!! Go to http:eonline.com and see if you can find anything about it. I cant right now, I have topost this on Ale's forum, and then on Ana's tchau you guys!