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  1. Marisa Miller

    She is everywhere now, been on every show, She's the All-American Blonde, Hate it or Love it, that sells! The company kind of lost interest in the general American public with it's over use of the Brazilian models, but the interest in Brazilian models is not hot liek it was 5 years ago. IMO, I think it's Clear Marisa will be the number 1 Angel pretty soon! She can sell, im not sure that Andriana and Alessandra can appeal to the general American model against her. What show hasn't Marisa been on in the last year? She was introduced as "America's Supermodel" and now they have "Lindsey as the mini-Marisa". Do you all agree? Emanuela also can appeal because most ppl probably think she is an African-American, but I think Chanel Iman will eventually fine her way to Victoria Secret and be the top African-American model.
  2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 (POST-SHOW THREAD)

    Wow, it was great to see so many Americans on the runway again, hasn't been this many since like VSFS 2001,2002, the USA prodcued the greatest amount of models this year, 6 or 7(including naturalized Selita and assuming the contest winner is American) Selita Ebanks Angela Lindvall Jessica White Marisa Miller Lindsay Ellington Erin Wasson Contest-winner Go job girls! (Now hurry up and make Jessica White\Marisa\Lindsay Angels)
  3. Countries with the most beautiful women

    How exactly is what I said non sense? The POINT is the USA is the ONLY country that has consistently produced beautiful actresses, musicians, super models, beauty skins! Oh and how exactly are Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes not 'real' Americans?
  4. Countries with the most beautiful women

    Also not 1 supermodel on this website is remotely close to being as famous as the most beautiful American women!
  5. Countries with the most beautiful women

    75% of famous beautiful women are AMERICAN, i'm not exactly sure whats going on with this website and it's anti-Americaness, it's not even close really, even though you won't admit, American still and has always set the international standard of beauty, the U.S.A is the only country to consistanlly produce internationally famous beautiful Actresses, Supermodel, Musicians, Beauty Queens. Brazil has famous models, but thats about it! Italy has 1 semi-famous Actress Venezuela has beauty queens, but what else? Russia has 2 famous athletes, Sweden has a few minor famous blonde's..... As opposed to American, which has famous models, actresses, musicians and beauty queens, no country can say this!
  6. Riyo Mori

    Poor Japan, Miss USA's eventful night is DOMINATING Univere 07 press, she's hardly getting a mention, oh well atleast her and Rach are new roomates
  7. My final pick for Miss USA 2007 and Miss Universe 2007..........Miss South Carolina Ashley Zais
  8. Competition note, the Preliminary round takes place tomorrow tonight, to determine the final 15, this is expected to be the toughest preliminary round ever for Miss USA! Pics to come late Monday night!
  9. y Top 15, as of today may update my list, but i'm pretty sure 10 of the girls will make it! :worship: :hearts: This is going to be one hell of a competition!
  10. If you want to see what they really look like, and YES there is alot of airbrushing in the photos, but in person the girls are stunning, simply go to www.missusa.com and check out the videos of the contestants.
  11. Ok people can we please get BACK ON TOPIC here, the thread is about the very competitive upcoming Miss USA beauty pageant. So here is a simply task , simply pick the girls based on the photos of who you think will compose the Top 5, mines is too come shortly!
  12. Rouge Red seems to have a hard time accepting the fact that international beauty standards are set by American Women, He hates the fact that the most famous beautiful woman in the world is the All American Girl, he can't stand the fact that women over the world change their appearance to appear more like the beautiful American women they see on television everything, he's just a hater, and still didn't give a valid reason as to why the U.S has won Miss Universe more times than any other country has won any other pageant's , hes just a typical anti-American hater! Typical, Don't be jealous Rouge, you're going to pump my gas someday!
  13. It's interesting you make that comment considering the fact Miss USA is by far the most prestigious domestic beauty pageant, and also has won one single beauty pageant (Miss Universe) more than any other nation has won, of all the Big 4 pageants.