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  1. I do not understand why so many conceal and not to declare officially that she was pregnant, the more so because she was photographed for a magazine where it is perfectly clear ..... is ridiculous!
  2. Adriana Lima 2 Cintia Dicker 0 Darla Baker 0 Doutzen Kroes 6 Emanuela de Paula 0 Gisele Bundchen 2
  3. I totally agree with you Melocotón,but no pictures of the runway this year?
  4. Awww My lovely Doutzen Thanks katchitup! She is most "live", interesting and playful mother of all models and it is very clearly seen in photos...
  5. Do you mean with recent commercials? cause if so it's because she has other commitments. It doesn't necessarily mean she's not cooperating. She's like Doutzen, she won't be in every commercial. Plus they are moving Behati into Angel now and away from pink so that might be why. Plus recent catalog she's in it a lot. Not only .... I just saw pictures of her from the VS, in underwear, pajamas, and no commercials, no appearance in the VS boutiques,for autographs or to some events ... Either they ignore it (with a little believed, because it is one of the main girls and the most popular angel at the moment), or it is not very pleasant to work a lot for the VS for some unknown reason to me ...
  6. I don't understand why Miranda doesn't cooperate recently at all with VS... I very much miss it...
  7. Ok.Thank you very much for the information!
  8. I very much would want to see more photos of Ajuma Nasenyana and Lara Stone. Can help me?
  9. TheBombshell,you want that she has become pregnant?Why?I personally don't want it.....at the moment.
  10. crista


    I don't think that it tired looks, on mine it looks as usual.Adri it is charming,but I'm already a little tired of the same facial expressions, the ever-inflated bow lips... I do not want to offend anyone by this, it's just my opinion ... And from that Adriana does not get worse
  11. Oh my God!... Thank you,dear lovemusic102
  12. crista


    Ok, but everyone is able to have their own opinions and you must respect it! If it is a joke, I don't find it funny at all. I think it is not a good position for a married woman and mother but that's only my opinion. Thanks Valentina P., you just voiced my thoughts
  13. crista


    Well, I'll understand Your avi is charming How can I see the video from which it was taken?
  14. crista


    Why so explosive response? We are just expressing their views,that we thought at first glance at this photo....
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