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  1. FINALY!!! :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!
  2. Guys,thanks sooo much!!!PERFECT WOMEN!
  3. My God, she is perfect! I have no claims to it! Thanks a lot lovemusic102,you are a miracle!I can somehow see the people who came to the meeting with Erin and Candice? I mean normally photographed the crowd about the store or inside waiting for their turns ...
  4. crista


    Necessarily at each occurrence from VS to point a finger somewhere or at someone? You certainly excuse me, I too love it as well as you, but it already very much irritates, as more many its habits and manners.... <_<
  5. It certainly not in a theme now, but, I always would like to know as paparazzi manage to find celebrities in this or that place? How they appear in a proper place, in due time? (A campaign in shop, walk along the street, the airports...) the Same about parties-stars invite or there who can go wants? Somebody can explain to me?
  6. I want more!Especially with Candice I just have some with tags Candice is so short compared to Adriana and Erin. It's kinda cute Thank you so much Melocoton! She is amazing in any case!!!
  7. We got wrapped up in a discussion, but of course you're right. I'm really sorry. In order to get back to topic, here's a video of the Very Sexy Tour 2012: http://www.twitvid.com/OWQSV + photo I want more!Especially with Candice
  8. Seeing these photos, I realized that rushed to conclusions
  9. So......what about her pregnancy girls? What do you say now?
  10. Amber Heard 4 Hilary Rhoda Charlize Theron Miranda Kerr 4 Nicole Trunfio Salma Hayek 2
  11. Yes at Adriana on FB is really more than a million people who like it, but that does not mean anything ... This is a million fans, it was a few years (more than seven if I'm not mistaken) .... As far as I know, Candice does not have to current page on FB, but I assure you, if she did it, the fans would be toppled from the ceiling and over the same time as Adriana, she would have received the same number of fans, if not more ....(at present its popularity grows, certainly not I can speak that will to occur to it then) So all in Candice ahead guys .... Needless to say that she won a record number of readers on Twitter in such a short time and being one of the new Angels.But most readers Tweet has now Miranda, not counting those that have not are angels (Gisele, Heidi ...)
  12. nothingless,you're the Queen!THANK YOU!
  13. 00's Emanuela de Paula-8 Bar Refaeli-10 Petra Nemcova-12 Present Xenia Deli-12 Nina Agdal-10 Cintia Dicker-8
  14. My God!Luna simply charm in the second video! I want the same!
  15. Thank you Chocolate!Great pics!
  16. I want to see pictures I hope that the paparazzi will be there
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