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  1. Happy birthday, my love!!!!!!❤️?❤️?????
  2. Its just me or did she put some weight on a lil bit? looking spectacular! and that booty! damn!
  3. @shade le ?!!!!!!!!!! this girl is pure perfection hope there are more BB pics
  4. ^^ thank you @Charlie's Alter Ego
  5. Does someone have a better/bigger version of this pic?
  6. @Souled-Out who is the girl in your avi? pretty
  7. In loooooove with her Hunkemoller campaign
  8. crista


    Adriana will make appearance on Access Hollywood Live, on Sept. 20 and on Harry talk-show, on Sept. 21. Can't wait
  9. crista


    thank you @nhlovesadri
  10. crista


    I can't see the video ((
  11. I want some serious work from her I want her to be everywhere I want to see her at fashion weeks, if not walking the runway, at least sitting front row or making appearance at some prestigious events or parties...enough with LA and beach life..She's too pretty to fade into oblivion. And I want a fansite of this beauty
  12. I went to the adrianalimafan.net after a long break, and guess what I see? - someone started to update bit by bit the gallery, although some pics are still in bad quality) yay I don't know what happened, maybe someone reads us here)))))
  13. crista


    there are so many pictures, but I can't download them (((( http://www.bsragency.com/events/aa-20170910-models-exit-the-fenty-puma-by-rihanna-show?query=adriana+lima http://www.bsragency.com/events/aa-20170910-adriana-lima-shows-off-her-runway-look-after-the-fenty-by-rihanna-fashion-show?query=adriana+lima http://www.bsragency.com/events/aa-20170910-guests-leaving-rihanna-s-fentyxpuma-show?query=adriana+lima http://www.bsragency.com/events/aa-20170908-2017-harper-s-bazaar-icons-1?query=adriana+lima
  14. crista


    I want her to be everywhere and to get thousand pix of her
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