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  1. Game of Thrones

    I started looking again from the first episode.
  2. Best TV Show Ever

    Here's the last thing that I like: "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" "Judge Judy" I'm watching "Pawn Stars" now. This is also a good TV show. What do you think?
  3. What did you last buy!

    A large jar of coffee
  4. Food

    I ate curd today all day long))
  5. What did you last buy!

    I'm buy new cool headphones over internet))
  6. Place of Birth

    Dallas, Texas. But recently I moved to Canada. Already one month I live here. This was a not simple decision. I moved with my family. We took away all our things, all furniture, technique. We used such services in a move. Turned out quickly, no problems. So, I am a habitant of Ontario now ))
  7. NHL

    good picture! Like
  8. What's your favorite sport?

    I love winter and extrim kinds of sport. And yet I prefer mountain climbing, walking tours and expeditions. Now I prepare to the mountain expedition. Look here it's rules are useful to the beginning alpinists and for experience. It's basis.
  9. What made you smile/laugh today?

    I had fun in a park at the river today
  10. Food

    I want it too))
  11. Travel thread

    yes, interesting
  12. Food

    i like different))
  13. Metal

    I love everything about metal. All the directions!