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  1. Thanx !! But are you talking about Josh or me lol

  2. I'm great and u ? soon holidays?

  3. not working : I meant Merry Xmas !!

  4. Joe, which asian are u talking about ? I've posted many who look like video game character!!

  5. I just saw your comment ! thanx sweety ! I hope everything is fine for u ! kisses

  6. hello ! how are u ? I'd like to know who's the girl on your avatar... thanx :)

  7. thanx for answer !! hope you're doing good ! strikes for trains here, grrrr I've just arrived at work! and it's damn hot !! kisses

  8. hello !! what's up ?? who's the girl on your avatar ?? kisses

  9. hi ! hope you're doing fine !! talk to you soon ! kisses from Paris

  10. I've just seen your comment! how are you?? oh yeah Calum is huge !!!

  11. just seen your comment! how are you?? oh yeah Calum is huge !!!!

  12. kikooo frenchie !!! tu es d'ou au fait? bises

  13. un peu comme moi ! jy connais pas grd chose en mode mais jadore les mannekins lol je suis plus une moviemaniac en fait ! mais ce site est mortel, parfois jv

  14. kikooo alors tu es d'ou? fan de mode ou seulement d models !?kiss

  15. hi Bella !!! what's up? life is cool here though summer still hasn't come grrrr can't wait to be in the usa !! kisses

  16. I'm back at work but I'll be on holidays for one last week on friday night lol are u back at school?? kisses

  17. hello my best friend !!! love u sista

  18. hi ya!! how are you?? hey u had a pic of u :) you look real cute !!!


  19. hello sweetheart!! how are you? I'm doing great !! I'm soon on holidays just can't wait and right now the week end begins!! hehe I'm gonna roleplay with my best friend flo! what bout u? kisses

  20. yep claire's the stores ! but I dunno how long I 'll stay here. I'm working for them for 3 long & boring years lol

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