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  1. OMG! -spazzes out- I'm sure. ;D What's her name? I requested you on FB, I'm Danielle Parker. :3

  2. OMG! Congratulations on the baby! :D Boy? or girl? ^.^ Btw, do you have Facebook? I am on there more often than here. x3

  3. Hi! :3 I've been great, you? It's nice to hear from you again! ^.^

  4. Thank you, I'l be 17 tomorrow. SQUEE! :D I know, it has been awhile. Do you have a Facebook??

  5. I'm late...but Happy, Happy New year!! ^_^

  6. Thank you!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!! ^_^

  7. Thank you!! Merry Christmas to you as well!! :hug:

  8. Oh, haha, it's okay! Thank you very much! <3 :D

  9. Thank you, Nichelle, I did have a good birthday. However, my dog chewed up my new shoes. :(

  10. Awww, thank you so much. I miss you too, sweetie. -tackle hugs you-

  11. Yes, all I can do is lurk now. :( No, unfortunately not, I am going to public school next year. I'm nervous and excited, mostly nervous. OH! I took my driving test for my permit. Unfortunately, I didn't pass. Hopefully, the second time I will. Wish me luck...on everything. :p What's been going on with you, Nichelle?

  12. Mister, you left AIM without even saying goodbye. -shakes head- Tsk, tsk.

  13. -rolls eyes and looks on your pro.- I'm adding you on AIM. If you look at my pro, you'll see my screen name. :p

  14. So true! :-* I like that one better, it doesn't look as strange. :p Here, have some more. :-* :-* -gasps- Do you have yahoo? or AIM, Vlam? :-* :-* :-*

  15. You're welcome. :* Is that how the kiss emoticon goes? I think I'm missing the nose. :p No, why do you say that?

  16. Happy 99th birthday! :p I got ya something. -hands you some playboy magazines.- I thought you could use these. 99 year olds aren't getting alot of love these days. :p Oh, Vlam, just...horrible, so HORRIBLE! I've been miserable without you. so MISERABLE!

  17. Hehe -blushes- That sounds fun! :D Fine, if you want me to do it the complicated way. -looks on your pro- So you're 99 years old? :p

  18. Make confetti out of me?! :o I'm too sweet and cute for that. :p Anyway....-cleans up the confetti.- You're lucky I like ya, Vlam, or your comments would still be covered in confetti. :p So what did ya do for your birthday? OH! How old are you now?

  19. Not until you ask nicely. -throws some more confetti.- :p

  20. Happy Birthday! -throws confetti everywhere.- hehe.

  21. Would you share him with me? Haha. You could help me! :o

  22. Yes, I hate it with a vengeance. What's worse is it's not just math, it's ALGEBRA. -passes out just hearing the word.- :p I know isnt he? I can't get enough of him.

  23. I'm great, I made an A on my math today. That's a very rare occurance for me. I love Twilight, especially edward, hehe.

  24. Happy Birthday! -throws confetti everywhere- Hehe.

  25. Happy Birthday! -throws confetti everywhere.- Hehe.

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