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  1. 2013 SI Swimsuit

    But do they have any similarities And WHO did somebody find Tina at the first place here?
  2. 2013 SI Swimsuit

    Again C) Thats why she was in Africa: http://shootthecenterfold.com/shoot-the-centerfold-african-journey-starts-with-tina-brady-interview/ So i dont think she is a rookie!
  3. 2013 SI Swimsuit

    A) Yes, i wanna know who that first ROOKIE from the video is with the pic posted by "slowen" Whatta hot body! B) You gave me new hope about Jessica P being in SI2013! I LOVE her! And maybe its even my fault that this time the pics werent so obvious about er cause last time i almost immediately spotted her and put it on my blog .... C) Sorry but how and who did came to the idea that Tina Brady will be in it? Just from her twitter? @MissLimaVzla haha so funny that u found her twitter from my side... I follow her cause she is i think a friend of another model i know
  4. 2013 SI Swimsuit

    did everybody see the ROOKIE REVEAL Beachgirl posted?? you can clearly see at least two "known" rookies !
  5. 2013 SI Swimsuit

    @swimsuitbella Check ou my twitter "ilovesigirls" and look into the list SIHQ! U will find the ladies u mentioned! In addition in list "SIGirls" u find all the Twitter accounts of the SIGirls!
  6. 2013 SI Swimsuit

    hey guys actually i also think (like Beachgirl) that the one body-painted model IS Michelle Vawer! In addition...many say Kate will be on the next cover... I, secretely, hope that somebody else will be on it..or if its Kate I hope she will be with more models on the front page! Let's see? it's soon to be revealed!
  7. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    i gotta say..for me JESSICA GOMES lookes stunning in that issue.. i could def. see her on the cover... it was HER .. sure she looks hot and sexy in all her issues but THIS time...wow..
  8. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    hey everybody has anybody the VH1 extra with the Making of SI Swimsuit 2012? ?? or where can i get it? or see it at least? thx
  9. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    Does ANYBODY has the VH1 special or knows where i can get it!?!?! Or anybody has all the pics from the webpage to download and/or even the videos??? Please! last time i downloaded everything with a script by SPARTACUSTheGREAT...but his site is down because of TIME WARNER lol
  10. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    i like ARIEL! so awesome!
  11. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    Unfortunately i dont think Catrinel will be in SI and thats really sad...she would blow us away!! at least she did South Africa edition! some years and cover
  12. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    did anybody by chance saved these 2 pics from MJ (some hours ago) which were deleted before i saw them: - Enroute to our location....a taste of what's to come!!!!!! http://t.co/u9fLB3GI - Cheer up sports fans!!! http://t.co/u9fLB3GI i hate yfrog!! only saw this:
  13. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    is that a birthmark on her left (from us right) hip??
  14. 2012 SI Swimsuit

    already saw that hotness???: from ilovesigirls.tumblr.com source: @MJ_Day via twitter