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  1. hey long time no talk :p Whats up? Hear about Gatsby being pushed back until next summer?

    1. cherrybomb


      I definitely did. At least we still have Django, which I was looking forward to more so... (only because as I've said I don't have much faith in Luhrmann or his capabilities to make a Gatsby film without it being overdone) but long time indeed, how are you friend?! I only basically browse these forums with my phone now, pop into a few threads...here and there. What's new!!!

    2. katchitup


      I agree on Gatsby/lurhman. I'm a little nervous about it....he either gets it TOTALLY right, or TOTALLY wrong. And I'm doing well. You should totally post more if you get the change..one of the few Adriana fans that aren't crazy :p :rofl:

    3. cherrybomb


      You're so cute, thank you! I still pop in here and there when I can, but I can't handle some of the ridiculousness in the thread I usually visit, cough. It's super childish people arguing over who uploaded shit first lol, dear god. I do miss your posts though! I also miss Leo's thread, but that just moves TOO quickly for me to bother with lol.

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