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  1. omg! Are you me? Those two are just so infuriating. There's noway they don't call the paps. Their candies look staged, like it's a photoshoot Agree completely - but I'd still hit that!
  2. Bitten (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1249294/
  3. I'd vote Jen for sure in the last one!
  4. Ahh, Lucy! Awesome stuff!!
  5. Great stuff and an awesome idea for a thread. Love these kind of dresses.
  6. She has great eyes. And the rest of her isn't too shabby either.
  7. {name}


    Tina Fey looks great in her glasses!
  8. Definitely a hottie. I've always thought her face has an unusual quality or look to it.
  9. Lucy is a big favorite of mine. Thanks for the great pics! Love the ones about MTV!
  10. Crazy, unreal body on Coco. But, I like it!
  11. {name}


    Actress Ksenia Solo. Can be seen on the TV series, "Lost Girl."
  12. I know some people don't seem to like SJP, but I've always found her hot! Thanks for the pics!
  13. Enjoying the new season so far. I like how Damon and Stefan have sort of switched roles. My guilty pleasure show.
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