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  1. Marsnoop


    What exactly did isabeli say about Adriana?
  2. Marsnoop


    Does anyone have this photo untagged or more photos with this look?
  3. @Bellabuzz did you by any chance find lower resolution versions in the correct color? If you have a link to share it'd be very much appreciated!
  4. Thank you so much @Bellabuzz! Is anyone seeing a weird blue-ish tint on those photos? For some reason the hair has some darker blue/purple tones and the skin is looking a bit more yellow than what I see off of instagram. Wondering if it's just me?
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfyOVLdrwk-/?igshid=NDBlY2NjN2I=
  6. Thank you so much @PinkCouture! I also wish they had focused more on Victoria's Secret and less on the Epstein angle but I suppose that was unavoidable.
  7. So her Armani beauty contract is over right?
  8. She has 3 more months to go?! I thought she would be due in July since she said she was 6 months at the Alexander Wang show.
  9. Those are from her Vegas cover + spread, but I've never seen these outtakes without the watermark. Thank you @Clarence!
  10. Eh I think they did it for the sake of $$$ from the Chinese market
  11. That’s from the Tommy Hilfiger Jeans Fall-Winter 2000 show and unfortunately there are no HD versions of those runway pics to my knowledge.
  12. Marsnoop


    @ArianaVSCoutureI found videos of some shows I had no idea she did. I tried searching on first view but I think these go back before their records so not sure if you’ll have better luck. https://www.instagram.com/p/COoWYc7gYp4/?utm_medium=copy_link Gattinoni 1999/2000 Milan https://www.instagram.com/p/CL4_gZLHCoH/?utm_medium=copy_link You Young by Coveri Spring/Summer 1999 Milan https://www.instagram.com/p/CIEmXcQAmeO/?utm_medium=copy_link You Young by Coveri Spring/Summer 2000 Milan https://www.instagram.com/p/B9kmHdLA2XC/?utm_medium=copy_link Swish Jeans Fall/Winter 1998-99 Milan
  13. Marsnoop


    Thank you @ArianaVSCoutureyou’re the best!
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