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    Football or soccer as they call it in the United States, unfortunately, we only have 1 division of the football program here and is not very popular. It is a failure because football is a beautiful game when played well in Europe.
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    Music of 2010 - your favourite songs

    My favourite songs are My Heart Will Go On, Building A Mystery, I Will Always Love You, Three Times A Lady and Secret Garden.
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    Your Favourite Movies

    My favourite movie is Titanic. This is my most favourite movie because I like romantic movies and this is the great romantic movie. Some other my favourite movies are Final destination from part 1 to 5, Transforms and Avatar.
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    What's Your Favorite Horror Movie?

    My favorite horror movies are The Descent, Halloween II, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Black Christmas and The Shining. These all are really great movie which include a lots of horror scenes.
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    Movies you are planning to see

    I make the planning to see the following movies: 1. Blue Valentine 2. Country Strong 3. Season of the Witch 4. The Green Hornet 5. The Dilemma
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    Best Romance Movies

    As I think the Titanic is still the best romantic movie. This video has no great love story, creating multiple records in Hollywood. Other good romantic movies Pretty Woman, Notebook, and Ninotchka.