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  1. Aaaaawww! They are such a sweet couple. Her fiance or b/f or whatever he is to her is pretty hot. :evil:
  2. Her eyes!! She was so cute at the Emmy awards. Thanks all for the photos!
  3. Sorry, you're much more beautiful than she. She's pretty, but she's got nothing on you. She did look nice in that Maxim editorial though. She has a nice body! I wish her hair were dark for that editorial though... it made her gorgeous eye color pop even more.
  4. She's gorgeous! Her body is amazing. Is she still with that Fabrizio guy?
  5. Thanks Francy She doesn't have a thread here though? I googled her and I don't see much fashion work...
  6. WOW!!! She is stunningly beautiful!!!
  7. WOW!!! She is stunningly beautiful!!!
  8. I like her body the best. And her hair. I'd kill to have it.
  9. Thanks for the HQs. Savanna: I agree... it now looks like she might be having a girl because her stomach is sitting higher. Usually if it's low, it means it's a boy, correct?
  10. She looks gorgeous and has a glow to her. But wth is with those silly poses?
  11. My goodness I LOVE Edward Norton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ROFL. Bellazon's own celebrity. Maybe we should start a topic about him! With all his media-appearances. Lol. Well, he does contribute very, very much so I think he does deserve his own thread in the Guy's section. Thank you for the HQ pics Vamp.
  13. She looks so freaking different now comparing to the beginning of The Hills... woah.
  14. She's so gorgeous. I liked the gym pictures... but how annoying would that be? Working out at the gym and having paps take your photos? <_<
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