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  1. Aww, too cute! My pom will be 1 year old in 9 days! ^.^ My baby is growing up! :'(

  2. They're both so cute! I have a Pom, she's my baby! I'll put a pic of her in my profile. :p Nice to meet you too!

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Rawr back at you. haha. And thanks! I like your set too. ;) Cute pup btw!

  5. Me too! You can give them so much more of a form when they're thick to begin with. Very true!
  6. ^ Why not? Definitely go for some side-swept bangs and start long at first to see how you like them. Cut them too short, and you can have problems styling them and pulling them back, etc.
  7. ^ Those are indeed some gorgeous brows!
  8. No, I understand you. I too think that they can sometimes look way too fake, like barbie textured hair or something. The pic I posted above, she was obviously wearing extensions. Krista is a gorgeous girl, but her hair is actually medium length... not that you care, but now you know!
  9. She definitely looked fake back in '07 because all of that horrible hoochie mama make-up. lol. She looks a lot nicer now that she's toned it down. I actually really love how she does her MU now-a-days.
  10. Lucky you! Where and how did you meet her and Kris?! And congrats!
  11. Karina Trizotti Height: 5'10 1/2" Bust: 33" Waist: 24" Hip: 36" Size: 8 Shoe: 8 Hair: Dark brown/ Black Eyes: Brown
  12. Yes, that's her name! Thank you! But she doesn't have a thread here?
  13. Anyone know who this model is? She's on box #20 "Black Leather" (which is the best black haircolor imo.) Any help is greatly appreciated!
  14. She's so stunning. I think she'd be perfect for VS' Pink line. She needs to kick Chanel Iman to the curbside.
  15. I think when I first joined Bellazon I was the most annoying fan. Looking at my old posts makes me cringe. I also think it's time for me to change my screen name. (But don't worry, I still LOVE Adriana, okay? )
  16. I can't believe this. I missed Nicole and Marisa Miller on the same day. And even worse? They were SO close to my job! Had I known they were there, I would've gone. :'( FML. I never know about anyone coming to town anymore.
  17. It's because of the work she's done to her face. She looks completely different now compared to '05 or '06. But I agree, she is looking more like her mom with the work done.
  18. She looks gorgeous! And I believe she is wearing Harry Winston.
  19. Why didn't anyone tell me Irina was coming to Las Vegas?!
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