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  1. Need to know who this beautiful model is who's posing with Grace Elizabeth for Sherri Hill Prom November 2015. Any idea who she is?
  2. Wow. She looks amazing there. She's really stepped up her sexy game lately.
  3. These are some of the best VS pics ever. She's quickly becoming my #1. Watch the throne, Candice.
  4. Glad she's back in VS but I'm really not into the blonde hair. She was so cute as a brunette and the blonde seems too blah for her. It really washes her out.
  5. Woohoo Gracie. She's gorgeous. So glad they're using her more again. I hope they keep it up. I really want to see her in the show too.
  6. I have to leave for work in an hour, I hope SI gets off their asses and gets the site up soon. Some of us don't have all day.
  7. None of those pics are spectacular but I have to agree that Rose is the worst. Irina's is okay.
  8. I'm just perplexed that if your job is to be in shape and if you're trying to impress people and keep getting jobs why you wouldn't work your ass off to look good. Then again, I'm sure they both put me and most "regular" women to shame.
  9. I can't wait to see everything. I had a hard time narrowing down who I'm most excited to see but being a huge VS fan Lily and Erin are my top 2 followed by Nina, Emily D and Sara. None of the rookies really blew me away and from what I've seen Erin doesn't seem too promising either but I still love her. I have to say I was hugely surprised by the cover but come on... The first word out of my mouth when it was announced was Jeter. Hannah is pretty but I don't think that the cover is all that great. Hannah always sticks out her stomach in photos and it's only more obvious in a photo where she's showing so much torso. She's got the hipbones of a man.
  10. ^ Those are definitely the 3 I would want to see her in. Can't wait.
  11. I'm dying to know who these girls are, particularly the redheads. PM me if you can help, please. \
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