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  1. Candids

    her lips look inflated lol
  2. Sara Sampaio

  3. Megan Fox

    Sadly, she always said she was insecure with her looks. Someone who now has that money can get some botox or surgery whenever she wants...it's sad such a pretty face was ruined
  4. Sara Sampaio

    Do you think they will use Sara because of her similar characteristics to Adriana for the publicity?
  5. Sara Sampaio

    So True... i think she could be a great adition in VS i mean someday Adriana (dont get me wrong i love Adriana )have to go, And Sara with the days is getting a lot similar to Adri. the only thing is that Sara dont have a super body like Adriana , but i think that could get fix with Gym and more. I agree. Adriana has super long legs and great curves for being so skinny. Sara doesn't have as long as legs as her though.
  6. Sara Sampaio

    I dont care what anyone says, she really does have a lot of the same characteristics of Adriana Lima...I have mistaken some of Sara's photo for Adriana... But I do think Adriana's lips are smaller and eyes are bluer/greener
  7. Megan Fox

    She looks great in that editorial but I hate when she wears the red lipstick...it just doesn't look good, IMO.
  8. Emily Didonato

    I don't like the GAP photo either!
  9. Emily Didonato

    ^^^ I don't like it
  10. Candids

    She's pregnant!!!!!
  11. Candids

    I don't see a belly but you can tell in her face and by the obvious way she is dressing...maybe I'm wrong, I don't know but I like seeing her anyways with some weight on
  12. Candids

    Hahah yes, I definitely think she is pregnant.
  13. hey, i saw you posted emily's candids. do you know her and get them off facebook or were they on the internet? just curious

  14. Megan Fox

    I am not sure what she did to her face, but it's just not as appealing as it use to be. How sad She really blew up her lips way too much. She was such a beauty and now I don't see that anymore.
  15. Megan Fox

    Oh gosh, I'm glad to see more of her but I think this is a really 'not well put together' photoshoot.