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  1. Yeah I like her a lot! In that film she's so pretty, and I like her in Glee too, not only she's beautiful, but also a very good actress and singer!

  2. Hey! She's Terese Pagh Teglgaard :)

  3. I have to say that I LOVE your sig! Obviously 'cause there's Gaspard in, ah!

  4. Hi I just saw your comment :P If you mean the gifs, obviously LMS, the image that I had before I found it randomly on Google, then I added a couple of particulars by myself :)

  5. Hi :) I'm here to ask you a favor...I just posted some new pics in Talita's thread, they're from her portfolio at Elite Miami, and I think they are from a Lucie Hugary shoot, I recognize the red background and the chair...so I'm wondering if you can get the HQ of them, I wouldn't know anyone else to ask!

  6. Hey :) It's nice to see that Nina has so many fans!

  7. Hey :) Sadly no, I searched again yesterday but found anything :(

  8. Oh so bad :(

    Well, thank you anyway :)

  9. Hey hun :) I have a little question...some weeks ago you posted some pics of Nina, here:


    By chance you managed to get the HQs? It's not to hurry you up, hope it's clear :p

  10. Hey! Thanks a lot for VS pics in Terese's thread! I knew that there were other pics, but I couldn't find them :) And 5 stars for you ;)

  11. Hey! The gorgeous girl is Nina Dobrev, she's an actress and she made The Vampire Diaries, do you know? :)

  12. Hey! I took one of your siggys with Nina, hope is not a problem :)

  13. Ooooh thanks a lot! I put 5 stars to you too, we have more or less the same tastes ;)

  14. Hey! She is Talita Correa, check her thread here on BZ, I started it a few days ago :)


  15. You're welcome! I like her very much :)

  16. Hi! Is Wade Poezyn, he worked with Nina for Garage =)

  17. Thanks! I couldn't wait no longer to see new Nina's works, and I'm really happy to see all these new things!

  18. Difficult to say ahahah maybe one day I'm addicted to Candice, the next to Rosie, the next again to Emily...I'm strange, I know :P

  19. Thanks for the comment! I LOVE them all <3

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