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  1. OR... for your paragraphing problems, if you want to use paragraphs but don't like the size of the gap a paragraph produces, you can use a stylesheet attachment with a ' P ' tag, and define the margins for top\bottom to 0 or any other pixel number you would like as a gap.
  2. If you're using the main screen mode then WMP 10 DOES stay in full mode when switching tracks; a lack of video memory or main RAM can cause a drop when track switching, or a lower ranking CPU (check out the system requirements for WMP10 - I think they require a minimum of 600mhz.
  3. I use Netscape; though I develop web sites, so I also use Opera, Firefox and IE too. Firefox is my main browser, but the new Opera is looking pretty good too! Edit: And for anyone who questions the price of Opera, it's not that expensive, and it's still the most compliant browser out there
  4. I don't recommend changing the pipelining to 30 at all; Mozilla set it at the default of 3\4 for a reason. Pipelining just creates more connections to the server, most servers have a maximum load (I think by default Apache has a load of 200 or something), so people connecting with 30 at a time is going to hammer any servers visited (and when you sum it up, how much faster are you really loading the page; I doubt it's fast enough to warrant the hammering the servers take). If you feel compelled to change the pipelining I would advise a maximum of 8 connections in the pipeline.
  5. What is the code you are using to generate the Flash popup? I assume by 'flash popup' you either mean a popup within a flash movie or a popup containing a flash movie, to which the window is spawned via javascript.
  6. Meryl sent me a link to an archive of Josie Maran images; it contains some images from MJM site. http://usemycomputer.com/indeximages/women...en/Josie.Maran/
  7. I haven't heard or seen anything about her getting married - I know the last post here was a few weeks back but I didn't hear anything then either, and the article at the top of this page is about someone else getting married and not Josie (Didn't she say she wouldn't get married at one point?)
  8. Well, I have to say that it worked for me for most of the week, though it did turn off early (I'm GMT London and the server is located at least at GMT -5 I think). By 11pm my time chilaX wasn't available anymore! By the way - Hi Capt Snow
  9. Hiya Zoltar - nice to see you here too! Hi Uncle Mike - yes it's already bookmarked and i'm registered!) EDIT: Woo! Got my chilaX avator working chilaX is gone - I can't access the site
  10. nquinnathome1 here, same name as before - nice to see Uncle Mike here - was hoping for a few Josie fans. Actually - nice to see all of you here - hi chilaXers!
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