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1 Firefox question; 1 dreamweaver question

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I am using a Flash pop-up portfolio and have noticed in FF 1.0.3 and IE 6.0 that once I click on link for the pop-up and close it, the link no longer works. I am forced to close the browser to make it active again. What causes that?


I am trying to edit some text and each time I need to tab down to the next line, it seems to just 3, so I can't make a paragraph without several lines of space..how do i get around this? I'm NEW to it..just loaded it...so please be specific if you can be. :heart:

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OR... for your paragraphing problems, if you want to use paragraphs but don't like the size of the gap a paragraph produces, you can use a stylesheet attachment with a ' P ' tag, and define the margins for top\bottom to 0 or any other pixel number you would like as a gap.

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