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Window's Media Player

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I got a random question for all you media peeps. I got Windows Media Player 10 and I was wondering if there was a way to keep the full screen up as it transitions from track to track. I like the visualizations full screen, they make a great screen saver with the music. Every now and then, and this doesn't seem to be song specific, it will stay up as it goes from track to track. But then it just stops and goes back to skin mode completly random, no pattern, nothing.

Any way I can keep the bloody full screen up from track to track?

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If you're using the main screen mode then WMP 10 DOES stay in full mode when switching tracks; a lack of video memory or main RAM can cause a drop when track switching, or a lower ranking CPU (check out the system requirements for WMP10 - I think they require a minimum of 600mhz.

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