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  1. From German Otto catalog spring/summer 1991
  2. Neckermann 2004 Sonderpost:
  3. Heine summer/spring 1994:
  4. Heine summer/spring 1993:
  5. Quelle Jetzt aktuell 1994
  6. Bon Prix BEST sommer 1999:
  7. The one on the right might be Kelli Hyler
  8. I can only cross-link to my thread about looking for her ID as well.
  9. Identifier by Martial as Audrey Leigh, model for Elite Miami in the 90s Didn't find a proper bio in the web. Maybe somebody can add it. I will start posting my collection with my own scans from German Baur catalog spring/summer 2000
  10. Thanks!! A quick google search was coming up empty. Do you have the full name or even a link where I can find more about her?
  11. Is this also her? From 199x Heine catalog
  12. Neckermann 1998 spring & summer:
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