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  1. who knows whats she's wearing in these pictures???
  2. thanks alott!! gr, Norah

  3. thanks everyone !!!! she's drop dead gorgeous WOW!
  4. doutzen with fashiondirector bastiaan in holland at the show of bjorn borg.
  5. {name}


    uhh.. lol.. LOOK AT JESSICA STAMS...sorry had to blurt that out So much worse, so STFU!
  6. {name}


    maybe she shoots a new campaign Looks like she's passing some jewelry..
  7. {name}


    sorry for the repost but this is new 2 me
  8. {name}


    who has this in HQ version
  9. {name}


    sorry if its reposted
  10. The Dutch fashionmagazine models are Bette Franken, Kim Noorda & Sophie Vlaming I got more photo's of Kim in this magazine,soon I'll make a scan of it
  11. Hi. Im from holland but my roots are russian/armenian ; )

  12. i dont like her new boyfriend, hes old. i think natasha dated him cause hes a billionaire (a typical characteristic of russian girls)
  13. {name}


    I know it's reposted but I love this foto so much...
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