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  1. thanks alott!! gr, Norah

  2. Hi. Im from holland but my roots are russian/armenian ; )

  3. adri is amazing!! duh.. ahww.. I got very busy!! but im back :P lol, thanks!! X

  4. ahu, do u like it? she's soo gorgeous just perfect ;d x

  5. Hi, s cool but how do I get that?

  6. Oh that would be great :D

  7. haha LOL nut How can I make here a topic on?

  8. Hi, thanks a lott :D greetz 2 yah

  9. Thanks a'lott (K)

  10. Hi, no I dont have any myspace if you saw my pictures on the net they are fakerssss thats not me.

  11. thx Girll..hoe kan ik meer fotos uploaden dan? so te horen kom je ook uit NL ;d nicee zeg!

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