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  1. Andrew Bruton

    Wow! He is in D&G!! Great!
  2. Andrew Bruton

    Liika, this is really amazing!!! Thank you very much for the pix! I know also that he is in some wedding catalogs but cannot find in the Internet...
  3. Andrew Bruton

    Liika, yeah!!!! Thanks a lot! So nice to see him in such brand!!!!
  4. Andrew Bruton

    Some new pictures from Select Model Management. Does anybody knows where I can find a bigger one?
  5. Paul Boche

  6. David Gandy

  7. Andy Richardson

    Very stylish! Thanks!
  8. David Gandy

    Thanks D&G for choosing David all the time!
  9. Mark Vanderloo

    so romantic))) Thank you for this piece of peace)))
  10. David Gandy

    better quality of Sette Magazine
  11. Bruno Rosendo

    he is gorgeous!!! Thanks a lot!
  12. Patrick Kafka

  13. Andre Ziehe

    = ))) Very hard choice)) But that pink one is great)))
  14. Andy Richardson

    Thanks! One of my fave)))
  15. Nikola Jovanovic

    He is very handsome and somhow he reminds me of Bruso Rosendo...