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  1. Liika, this is really amazing!!! Thank you very much for the pix! I know also that he is in some wedding catalogs but cannot find in the Internet...
  2. Liika, yeah!!!! Thanks a lot! So nice to see him in such brand!!!!
  3. Some new pictures from Select Model Management. Does anybody knows where I can find a bigger one?
  4. Thanks D&G for choosing David all the time!
  5. so romantic))) Thank you for this piece of peace)))
  6. better quality of Sette Magazine
  7. he is gorgeous!!! Thanks a lot!
  8. = ))) Very hard choice)) But that pink one is great)))
  9. Thanks! One of my fave)))
  10. He is very handsome and somhow he reminds me of Bruso Rosendo...
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