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  1. Amanda Pizziconi, she one of several on my favorite list
  2. 1st one I do not know, but 2nd and 3rd are the same person and she is Denise Schaefer.
  3. I have comparing the pictures I have of the model against the pictures of Teela. I look at all the facial features closely, lips, nose, eyes, etc. but one other feature that I look for are spots. Granted spots can be covered up by makeup or even photo shopped off (which seems to be the case in the picture Shepherd put up) I have found that the spots on Teela match the spots on the model in question. I've prepared a little comparison picture between Teela and model in question. So I'm gonna declare this one solved unless someone else proves me wrong. Thank you all for your time.
  4. Here is the model I wished to find out who she is and may of just found out who she is. This was taken from Hautelook btw. I believe her to be Teela Cull. She seems to have profiles in several agencies. I have been searching for the model's ID with quite a bit of determination. While searching several times, I have come across Teela Cull more then once and actually had the thought of looking into her further, but I was on the search and I didn't make the connection as her profile photo didn't seem to click. Well now that I looked further into Teela Cull, I believe I just found this model I was looking for (right under my nose sort of speaks *slaps head*), I am pretty much convinced it is her as there are quite alot of facial features that match up, even a few spots. I guess what threw me off was the reddish hair. Anyway I'd like to get some other opinions on this ID, perhaps verification or something. I thank you all for your time to look into this matter. :dance:
  5. Got 3 more ID's that I believe I have found, I'm quite certain I am right but I always do appreciate a 2nd opinion. #2 is Denise Schaefer #3 is Corrie Lejuwaan #10 is Marie Charlotte Mahul which leaves a just a few, I am really hoping for #9 as she is now on the top of list of women I wish to find her ID.
  6. I strongly believe I have found out who #11 is, Marie Charlotte Mahul
  7. Oh yes, I had requested her sometime ago, and later found out who she was she is Jade McDaniel
  8. Wooohoo I am quite certain I found #2 and soon after I added two more to this list. #2 I found to be Denise Schaefer, I have taken a good look at the few pictures I have of this model and tried to compare to photos of Denise and alot of things match, even quite a few of her beauty marks and even her belly button match.
  9. OMG!! I have been looking for #1 since like forever!! and Now I am proud to say I have found her!!! I thought I was never ever gonna find her. She is Hannah Haehn. I would like a second opinion on that but I'm quite certain it is her! =)
  10. Bumping for the ones not yet ID'd And adding these two to the list. I really hope to find out who they are. #10 was on someone else's post as well but I requesting her ID for myself. Both of these women have come out in Hautelook. Thank you in advance. #9 #10
  11. your welcome, though I can't take credit for solving who she is, I had asked about her myself some time ago and someone ID'd her. She is one of a a small group of models in whom I have forever burned her name into my brain! ha ha. =) I have few more waiting to be burned into my brain but no luck with ID's yet, I guess in time. =)
  12. still no luck with any I'm afraid. but 8 and 9 are the same person
  13. None ring a bell, but I have seen #11 on Hautelook very recently and I am totally wow'd by her. Was going to request ID on her soon. #10 looks very familar as well, I am not sure if I have her ID but will check. By the way, who is that girl in your animated gif at the end of your post?
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