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  1. Dakota Johnson out in Malibu, CA on April 25, 2020
  2. Puma’s HQ is in a city near Nurnberg.
  3. The Glass Magazine F/W 2018 Photographer: Richard Abrahao
  4. What did I just say? Never mind 😓
  5. I meant they are over her in the way that they don’t need or want her in their campaigns anymore. It’s not a must for the brand to have Adriana or any of their vets for that matter in their campaigns or promo’s. I am pretty sure they kept the vets around so the newest angels could adjust and see if it would work out. Now that transition is a working process.. I can see them slowly parting ways with the vets when their contracts are done...
  6. I doubt Adriana gives any fucks about what Instagram users think. If anything lots her posts are implying she is done and tired of judgement of others. Can anyone tell me if she explicitly said she is against nudity? Or that it was simply the “won’t take my clothes off for an empty cause” - because that book where she took her clothes off was something she did for someone she knows for a long time and developed a relationship with. Supporting a friend is not an empty cause. If anything I think that particular comment was more about editorials and campaigns. IMO she doesn’t need to take her clothes off. If she doesn’t want to do it when she doesn’t feel like it.. she shouldn’t. I have 0 issues with her not doing nudity. Her campaigns and appearances where she has clothes on are already good enough it adds nothing extra when she is being nude. She has done it in the past and that’s that... but when she doesn’t want to do it anymore than it should be fine. She looks smashing with her clothes on anyway. Anyway.. moving on When it comes to VS - VS seems to be over her not doing anything except the show and not even beginning about Adriana’s behaviour towards the brand. I hope she walks and gets a proper send off.. that’s what she deserves!!
  7. Sara & Barbara Palvin will attend Venice Film Festival with Armani Beauty
  8. Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd hosts a bra fit event at Victoria's Secret, New Bond Street on August 22, 2018 in London, England
  9. Vaccination Awareness Day on August 8, 2018 in Sao Paulo
  10. No Mesmo Lugar Music Video Outtakes
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