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  1. thisislondon

    Amira Ahmed

    She's signed in Milan with Joy models. She is in the fashion week package for Mega models. Heard from a casting director that she's signing with NY and LA models.
  2. thisislondon

    Amira Ahmed

  3. thisislondon

    Amira Ahmed

    She has editorial in Flaunt magazine june issue. She is now represented by FM models in London. She's still IN! pheww
  4. thisislondon

    Amira Ahmed

    so cute at Coachella http://www.vogue.com/vogue-daily/article/s...ery/coachella/1
  5. thisislondon

    Devon Aoki

    DEVON DEVON!!!!!
  6. thisislondon

    General Discussion

    so damn hot!!!!
  7. thisislondon

    Amira Ahmed

    well they are black/asians so they'll be similar Amira feels more london while Chanel is more LA girl... but i do agree similar but seem to have very different personalities. Chanel too but she needs to put on some weight! she's so bony...
  8. thisislondon

    Fan Talk

    has she left elite????
  9. thisislondon

    Amira Ahmed

    I like this girl a lot seen her all over asos last year! i'm new to this but googled her and thought i just had to share.