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  1. More Esprit that I don't think have been posted. And and that..
  2. Vogue China, May 2012 Not really good quality though..
  3. Querida


    I can't remember his name! I think it's like Christopher or something but I'm not sure..
  4. So Sorry If Repost. Rosie at the age of 12 from The Daily Mail.
  5. Querida

    Who's she?

    I think her name's Julianne or something but I'm not sure, and I can't find her...
  6. Lonneke Engel Esti Ginzburg Marloes Horst
  7. That's Barbara Palvin. Here the URL to her thread ->> Barbara Palvin - Bellazon
  8. I don't really like the dress, but she looks amazing! Didn't Rosie wear something similar recently?
  9. I hope its not a repost L'Oreal
  10. I think he went there because he wasn't as "well behaved" as Will or something.. but I'm not sure Thanks for these pics by the way Gonzalez girl, he looks really good
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