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  1. except for a few outfits, am I the only one in here who thinks I've seen all of these before? it's all so similar to preview years
  2. shes absolutelly stunning! hoping to get more pictures!
  3. well, I asked Ed and other people did too if Sara was part of the project. he didn't answer. anyways, every model did the shoot and the came to Brazil. like... Sara did too. I still have hopes
  4. I've heard someone say that she stole Lindsay's place and was an attention whore. lol so pathetic. Elsa is a GREAT model, even outside VS. Her HF work is pretty good, she's a sweet person and people shouldn't be giving her crap for the achievement.
  5. I really really hope Sara is part of this something big.
  6. I liked it a lot! But the songs, specially Ed Sheeran and Hozier, were sooooooo wrong!
  7. she has the best body EVER. better than any model, any actress. i'm drooling
  8. I think it was because of the time it took to put the fantasy bra on and off. Plus. their moment with the FB was quite special, so nbd if they didn't have more outfits. The ones they had were AMAZING.
  9. THIS! I honestly doubt anyone in here haven't had a moment like this with someone. But WE don't have paps all over us, so it's okay. That's so hypocritical.
  10. Behati's opening: she was soooo nervous. Hope the second one gets better. Devon's outfit: one of the BEST, hands down!
  11. I just saw this video and I make this woman's words mine.
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