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  1. you're lucky you have connections haha

  2. Damn girl that's awesome! Ford models too?! What the effff lol

  3. OMG how did you do that???? ugh why do you have to be sooo awesome ;)

  4. haha why would i do such a mean thing! im a nice girl, i swear :D

  5. i wasnt trying to! i was just...thinking things over haha

  6. thats pretty early. i go back over 2 weeks after you. but im in the US and you're in the UK so that explains that haha

  7. are you back yet i mean haha

  8. nope one more week :) im working allll week though. are you?

  9. Awwwwe thanks, you too! :)

  10. Thank you! Happy new year!!

  11. hope your christmas was everything you wanted it to be!

  12. yeaahhh mostly to make it look like i have more friends than i actually do haha :) a lot of my friends model too though.

  13. i love your avi...who is the model? she's GORG!!! :)

  14. you shush! you are really pretty! jeeeez lol

  15. lol i dont lie! if anything you're the liar ;P

  16. Haha awwwwee thanks <3 so are you!!!

  17. i saw...and accepted :D

  18. hahaha i do! Mimi Osborn...add me! i dont have that many embarrassing photos..... ;P

  19. i have until january 23rd off :) and thanks she is gorgeous!

  20. aaww im sorry! that really sucks. how long of a break do you have

  21. im awesome thanks for asking! how is school and everything

  22. hey! how is everything??

  23. Lol well no one wants to see pictures of me or my life or cares hahaha so yeah.

  24. well isnt that sweet of you! haha i dont even know what to do with it...lol

  25. im following you too now :) not gonna lie, this is very exciting for me haha

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