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  1. Nice to see Christine out and about, showing off her incredible self! 😍 Thanks, Shepherd!
  2. Seeing Christine again is like the Sun coming out after a long season of rain! 🌞 Thanks, Shepherd!
  3. Christine is quite the little tease! Thank you, Betto and Shepherd. 😎
  4. Looks like this should be a good event! 😎 Thanks, Shepherd!
  5. Thanks for the continued updates, Shepherd! Reese looks great! 😍
  6. Thanks for the Gal updates, everyone!
  7. {name}

    Melissa Rauch

    I was about to add the few, precious photos I had found of Melissa at the LA premiere of The Bronze (a movie she wrote herself!), when I thought I should share them here! Melissa on March 7th:
  8. Thanks for the continued updates of Lori, Shepherd-she's still freakin' awesome!
  9. Thanks for the continued updates of sweet and sexy Sarah, Shepherd and petimbo!
  10. Thank you for the continued updates of the lovely Maria, Shepherd!
  11. Kerry's looking gorgeous-especially at The Oscars! Thanks recky!
  12. Thanks for the awesome Bella updates, jj and Shepherd!
  13. Thanks for the Jennifer updates, Shepherd!
  14. Thanks for the updates of Kaley, everyone-esp. the Shape magazine stuff!
  15. Thanks for the pics of sweet Sarah, Shepherd!
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