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  1. She's now going to be 13 on October 8th and she's gotten SO gorgeous! She's going to have her own Disney Show called Shake it Up! this fall (:
  2. some gorgeous photos that are exclusive to www.bellathorneonline.com ! and some cute dani brubaker shots that i am in love with;
  3. name; annabella avery thorne [bella thorne] gender; female height; 4'8" weight; 60 (?) age; 11 Bella is a very talented model turned actress who is starring in two upcoming films; Corpse and Forget Me Not (with Cody Linley). She spends time in NY, Florida and lives in California. She loves acting, playing with her pets, and hanging out with her family, sister Dani and Kaili, brother Remy and her mother, Tamara. Bella loves rollerblading, coloring and acting. She has appeared in over 800 print ads and has starred in the TV show My Own Worst Enemy with Taylor Lautner. Learn more about Bella at www.bellathorneonline.com here are some recent photoshoot pictures; she is genuinely the most beautiful girl ever <3!
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