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  1. Yvonne Strzechowski (born July 30, 1982) is an Australian actress from Maroubra,a suburb of Sydney. She is a graduate of University of Western Sydney's Theatre Nepean with a Bachelor of Arts in Performance. Yvonne appeared in some roles in Australian film and television and currently appears in the American television series Chuck. She is now using the more phonetic spelling of Yvonne Strahovski as her stage name. More: Say hi to my new favorite actress on TV. I'm really hoping she does some magazine shoots soon, so hopefully it's only a matter of time.
  2. I know nobody will probably know who she is, but I figured if anyone would know it would be here. And as a sidenote, is True taking the general public for idiots? Are we to believe there are girls that look like that on their site? Ha...
  3. {name}

    Elisha Cuthbert

    No matter how much time passes, I still think these pics will forever be some of my favorites: Seriously, are there any better?
  4. One of my newer favorites: Simply amazing. In every single pic.
  5. I'm fairly sure I'm her Mr. Right. *wakes up*
  6. {name}

    Megan Fox

    I don't think she's trying to be -- she just is. Despite the attire she was wearing in Transformers, her beauty was pretty distracting in the movie. She kind of had that "You want to make love to me" look throughout the entire movie. Even though they don't look similar (despite the comparisons because of the tattoos and "tough girl" image), she is sort of like Angelina Jolie where they basically just ooze sex from their faces without having to do anything. However, the picture above my post IS really nice and "wholesome," as is this one: However, having seen her in the movie... I know she doesn't have to try to be sexy. She just is. All the time.
  7. That's one of my favorite Marisa pictures, and I'll admit it's because she's topless. But also because it's in sexy black and white, and doesn't cover up her freckles, and is a really, really flattering angle for 'them.' How can there be an unflattering angle for them, you ask? I dunno, some of the Perfect 10 shots aren't the most flattering to the twins. Either way, she needs to be topless more.
  8. Okay, how did I miss the bigger versions of these pics? Yikes. Where are they?
  9. Let's face it. If we're men, we'd be lucky to land a girl as beautiful as either of them, and if we're women we'd be lucky to look like them. Or something.
  10. {name}

    Megan Fox

    Regardless of how sucky the movie is when it comes out, when Transformers gets released this thread's going to explode.
  11. I never thought I'd say this, but her '07 SI could very well top her '04 SI stuff. That iPod picture.......................
  12. {name}

    Emmy Rossum

    I just watched Poseidon. Crap movie, but Emmy looked great. She looks a bit like a friend of mine that I probably had a chance with a couple years ago though (not anymore), so everytime I see Emmy I think of my friend and get irritated. But only for a second!
  13. I'd certainly choose Keeley over a number of these stick figures that a lot of people like here (not naming names because I'm not trying to start anything). Certainly could do better than Keeley, but certainly could also do a lot worse.
  14. {name}

    Kelly Brook

    So hot. This is one of the best pictorials I've seen of Kelly in quite some time. Not to say she hasn't looked good in recent photos, but it's stuff like what tdpatriots just posted that remind me why I liked her so much a number of years back. If only the person who had taken those pictures had done her nude pictorial, too. For the most part I was pretty disappointed with them.
  15. 40 would be a bit wider than what Keeley is, I believe. On that video she actually says she's a 32E. And might I add... Nice.
  16. So what's the point of her stripping down as much as she does and NOT showing her nipples? It's not like she's really leaving anything to the imagination...
  17. Anytime a label tells you to do something and you do it though, that's called selling out to me. I know of plenty of artists who haven't folded under the pressure, and I know of some who have. It's too bad she has. But the thing is... most reviews I've read call it "good" selling out, because they've also said the album is really, really catchy which doesn't make it suck. Anyway, I love her eyes. Those things could kill.
  18. I liked seeing her as a baby. She was a cute kid. Her dad was ripped, too. No wonder she's so fit. Runs in the family.
  19. Has anyone ever been able to get a hold of the infamous video of Marisa playing basketball for Perfect 10 magazine? I remember back in the chilax days, people would say they had it but never end up sharing it. Just wondering if anyone had it now. So wonderful.
  20. She looks great at 40, but man... back in the day, she was pretty much untouchable. Has anyone seen her 1988 Playboy pictorial? I never have, but would certainly like to.
  21. {name}

    Elisha Cuthbert

    So does anyone know if her stint on 24 was for just those two episodes, or if she'll be back.
  22. Why? As someone already said, they were in a movie together in 1999. Know what movie that was? Star Wars: Episode I, where Keira played one of Natalie's lookalike handmaidens. Oh no!
  23. That first one... yikes. Doesn't leave much to the good ol' imagination, which is fine by me.
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