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  1. No, sweets, final exams are on their way, I'll take exams the whole summer unfortunately, it is so close & I'm a bit afraid :)

  2. Hello, sweetheart :) What's up?

  3. Thanks! Yes she's love! :)

  4. Hello, sweets, I stole your little hearts cause they rock! Don't mind? Kiss xoxo

  5. Donbot's masterpiece :)

  6. Beautiful set as always ;)

  7. Thank you very much :)

  8. Hello, love ;)

    Amazing but I was a bit busy lately, how are you? Gifs are stunning as always :)

  9. Hello, sweets ;)

    Sorry for the delay, I wish you a Happy New Year! xo


  10. She's so sophisticated, damn why I have no time! :( Same with Magda ;)

  11. fell in love recently ;)

  12. Why boring sweets? :)

  13. Hello, sweetie ;) Really long time, what's up? ;))

  14. Yes, now I post only in my faves threads ;) Enjoying ... not sure lol xx

  15. Can't wait either!!! Many news on Doutzen, I'm so-so happy!!! xxx

  16. Hello, dear! Yes, I'm not that talkative because of school :) I post & read threads of my favorite models only eeeh ;))) What's up with you? xx

  17. Thank you, sweetie! I do love your new avatar with beautiful Edita!

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