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  1. i saw the show every week [yes, i'm a little german girl =)] and Hana was always one of the best. With Barbara - of course. But I never thought, that Hana did so many shoots! I just thought, that she did 1 or 2 .. but never so many! And she shows so many faces .. she's so pretty .. i'm jealous!
  2. woha. amazing pictures. thx <3 [has anybody those pictures like in that -klick to see- ?]
  3. Isi

    Jessica Alba

    anyone pics like that? i think she is very beautifull on this picZ <3
  4. Isi


    it was made by victoria's_secret, and I didn't know that pics . . . but now I love them! you haave to ask victoria's_secret.
  5. Isi


    i tried to make it bigger, but it doesn't look good, there are many pixeL xD in. . . sry!
  6. Isi


    i tried something . . . I don't like it <_<
  7. omg!! i'm 14, too, but I'm looking much younger. She is very pretty! She looks like Adriana Lima and IsabeLi Fontana. So much. She wiLL be very pretty, I think.
  8. she has such an awesom body . . .
  9. http://www2.shrani.si/files/c1667945.jpg this girl <3 who is this???
  10. is she adriana's little sister? she looks very good! i like her <3 more pics!
  11. Isi

    Willa Holland

    oh, she is hot, can't believe, that she is just 15! here are some pics... they are strage
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