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  1. 5 stars for always translating! :hug:

  2. 5 stars for helping me with my gif, thank you once again! :)

    1. donbot


      Glad I could help :)

  3. 5 stars for the Bar-posts :flower:

  4. 5 stars for your help :)

    1. ~F.R.W.L.


      No problem... ;) and thank You!!!

  5. AAAHHWW :D :blush: That's so sweet!! I feel the same way, you are always looking so leavel-headed to things!

  6. Actually I'm not that familionair in models, I do have obsessions with actors/actresses though ;)

  7. adlkjasldfk your About me page is gorgeous! ♥

    1. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      aw thanks! two of fav girls ♥

  8. Ah, I think it's beautiful anyway ;) Aww thanks, I posted some more on her thread :)

  9. And credit isn't needed, you can remove it!

  10. Are you still alive?

  11. Are you still trying to scare me WHOOOO

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    2. Lkjh


      You could 'smell my fear' muhahaha

    3. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      yeah,well that was for princess but I cans smell everyone's fear ^ ^ and yours too, of course LoL

    4. Lkjh


      Ahahahaha :D

  12. Aw thanks hun :hug: Five stars back!

  13. Lkjh

    Aw, thank you! :hehe: your siggis are simply gorgeous! Did you make those yourself?

  14. Aww thank you! :) I've just started working with gifs, so I need a little more practice, but I LOVE doing it! And Bar's work for Passionata is always very cute, so it was easy to do :)

  15. Do you need more help?

  16. Extremely jelaouse you live in London! :O

  17. FAMILY GUUY :P I didn't like it at first, but my bf forced me to watch it and now I like it too :) Kelso is also fun! He's stupid, fun and freaking handsome :drool:

  18. Five stars for your help, thanks!

  19. Glad to see you back! :)

  20. Glad you liked it :) I'm always open for suggestions!

  21. Go princess, its ya birthday [ridiculous dance/]

  22. Go. Buy. Them. :P

  23. Hahaha, I like discussions sometimes, but when I translate my words into English they always come out way different then what I ment :P

  24. Happy 16! :D

  25. Happy birthday!

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