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  1. shes sooo gorgeous! her instagram is oliviafrischer loads of pics there
  2. seriously I bet my money she will be the next vs angel
  3. I love her name, and she's pretty
  4. ^ is that her boyfriend!? awwwwww
  5. I hope she has a lot of screen time in the movie probably 3-5 minutes
  6. Yes I just reblogged her again on my tumblr! thats her right http://fuckyeaherinbubley.tumblr.com/post/18094561171/natalia-rassadnikova
  7. nice you just took all my posts from the fashion spot hahaha i'll do the same
  8. thats old, these polaroids are a edited version I made I can't find the original
  9. chanel cruise yay. took me forever to load this page
  10. she needs to become an angel asap, she'd be so amazing at the VS events
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