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  1. Sorry if this has been answered - but why have all the other topics been locked? It's going to be such a nightmare for people going through all the pics on here rather than going between "Backstage" and "Runway" plus having to deal with all the stuff in between e.g. people arguing about outfits/their opinion etc
  2. Haha only SHE can get away with that caption. Has anyone ever read what skincare she uses?! She looks so young but not Botox-y.
  3. Wonder what this is about? Disappointed in VS show or..?
  4. Smile and wave is not the one, I miss her fierce look
  5. She needed eyeliner, makeup looks like she just woke up
  6. Do you think VS will release photos of the fittings?? Hope she has more than 2 outfits this time!
  7. Has anyone ever seen/heard Adriana mention what face care or skin secrets she uses? She doesn't LOOK like she's had botox (not stretched/taught skin like Kardashians etc), but she seems to be ageing in reverse, she looks about 22! I would kill to know her secrets as I'm 6 years younger than her but now look older than her
  8. Does that video of where she talks about the starvation/water trick ("drying out") etc before the show still exist? Or has it been removed from the entire internet?
  9. Anyone know? From their latest campaign
  10. Sorry not anymore! I feel these are the best Adriana eras..
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