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  1. :D yea sure...I was influence by the Angels and Demons movie...

    I love masonry because it's rather old way of construction. Being a history buff and all :D

  2. sounds like life's treating you well. that makes me happy.so, youre a mason?? like freemason???

    have you become part of the illuminati since we talked last? lololololololololooololol



  3. uhm not much, pretty much school and music. changed my guitar to my friends bass and I've been very happy chap indeed. (though I do need to get new guitar sometime next year, can't live without one. :D

    aand school...well..it's been nothing but fun :P really..I've been doing lots of masonry lately

  4. ya'know... a lil bit o' this and that.louie-dreaddfull went back to the dorms a few weeks ago... so im having my yearly 'empty-nest syndrome' freak out. lolololololol. other than that, all is pretty great. whats u-0p withu?? details, give'em 2 me NOW!


  5. Kiddo!!! *hug*

    wots new????


  6. hey!!! i just saw that you were on.. but by then, of course... you had logged off. how are things, kiddo??


  7. oh damn she's hot. thanks again for the great pics, matute.
  8. HEY!!! i just missed you!!!!


    happy new year, my friend <33

  9. kiddo!!!.

    hows stuff??


  10. Not sure if these are already posted here, but here's some Shaykhlislamova for you...
  11. boy- u cant pull anyhting over on you!!! :p yeah, trishie's a cutie.and shes a great model
  12. ^^ hehe, alright. You got one hot chick in your signature and avatar, btw And with my complex logic I assume she's Trish Goff
  13. awesome pictures diva ^^ hmm, I guess I could contribute a bit here too
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