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  1. These are fitness images of Katya Elyse Henry. Not the one you poted. That is just Thirsty^^^
  2. its not the girls so much as the pictures you choose to display. There is a difference between fitness images and body images. You also can't post images of models wearing g-strings on display or any type of nudity including sheer outfits. I am surprised you haven't been notified of that yet. You have to either link it OR use the spoiler function. either change the name of the topic to instagram models with great bodies or something to that effect OR actually choose more fitness orientated images. Thus the images I posted.
  3. they are only fitness girls if they are wearing athletic gear and posing in a gym. Upskirt shots in a thong do not count as a fitness image. These girls on instagram are just looking for men and/or money. There is a difference between a girl with a good body and a girl who is physically fit. I just want to see one of these girl who hasn't had their butt and breast augmented and not wearing a thong. LOL this is a fitness type image this is just a cute girl in booty shorts next to a pole. she might be a body builder but this doesn't make her look like one. this is a girl at the beach. every model in this thread has an image like this what separates her from every girl on Instagram who just wants likes. if you want to post pictures of instagram girl with good bodies just rename the thread or at least post images of them doing a physical activity. there are so many professional fitness models in the world and no one posted them in here. just look at Women's Health, Women's Running, Health & Fitness, etc... I have a thread just for those magazines. Those are fitness girls. Some of these girls are probably body builders. The rest are either strippers or wannabe models. Just because you are skinny and had a good butt doesn't make a girl a fitness model or a fitness girl. this is fitness there are so many working models who are fitness models. A lot of older models ( models over 22) supplement their income by being yoga instructors and personal trainers. Anya Lahiri works at Barry's Boot Camp. Toni Cox is a personal trainer. Aline Fernandes is a yoga instructor. Celine Brinkgreve had her own fitness apparel line Fitness Models Fiona Brattle Armanda Barten Anel Odendaal Alexa Lee Jaqueline Freeman Brittany Clybourn there are so many girls with great bodies who don't post butt shots. Most of those girls don't even have ab definition or even leg or arm definition. here are agencies that represent these models. If you find one, look for their Instagram. A full support people who are into fitness but their is a fine line between showing off your toned body and just showing off your body. Pick the pictures that actually show their body in a fitness way. Unless they a flexing their muscles, shots in thongs and booty shorts are just shots in underwear. http://www.wilhelmina.com/new-york/models/fitness/women http://www.wmodel.co.uk/sports http://www.silvermodels.com/ Quote this
  4. she has a tattoo on her right arm at the bend. that might help id her.
  5. Health & Fitness Vol 22 Issue 09 Sept 2005 - Happiness Special - Sam Davies http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Health-Fitness-Vol-22-Issue-09-Sept-2005-Happiness-Special-Sam-Davies-/120866103028?hash=item1c242e5ef4:m:myfHFf5zDY8h6njX5ditIlA
  6. Petra Chanatova Hair BLONDE Eyes BLUE Height 5'9.5" / 176.5CM Bust 34 / 86.5 Waist 24 / 61 Hips 35 / 89 Dress 4 / 34 Shoe 9.5 / 41 / 7 Formerly of Model Management Hamburg Munich Models Option Models Zurich Unknown London Unknown Paris Chic Model Management Sydney
  7. Eastern Soul - Freedom Street Lookbook
  8. White House Black Market September 2014 Catalog
  9. Macy's Circular May 2016 (sorry for the quality of the scans. its practically printed on tissue paper.)
  10. I love Conley's Catalog. I wish we could get more of them. Some of my favorite models work(ed) a lot for them. If you can find older ones, that would be amazing. I can identify a lot of the older ones if you need me to do so. This is Olivia Garson. She has been working for them for a few years and I have only a few images of her from them. If you can find more that would be amazing.
  11. That's great but can you link the site.
  12. Ashley Graham has brown eyes. They have similar eyebrows though. I think that might be Chloe Marshall at Jag. But the images you gave aren't the biggest. I can't really zoom in on the face without it getting blurry. She appears to have blue eyes but they could be green. I can't tell if this is the same girl or not. but this is Chloe This is a Los Angeles based company but there are not that many Curve/Plus Model agencies in Los Angeles which means you might have to look at New York, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Texas, Denver, San Francisco, etc... I would look at Los Angeles first. Most e-commerce models have an agencies in Seattle or the East Coast so try Seattle and Miami (has the most lingerie/swimwear models) after you went through LA. Most models who work in New York have agencies either in LA or Miami or Both. If you are really desperate try London, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, or Australia. I have a link for plus size model agencies in the links of my signature.
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