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  1. sadness...wokeism killed yet another American tradition
  2. will never happen. not in the age of woke.
  3. If everyone was that paranoid then no one would order delivery or takeout and every restaurant/cafe/eatery/etc. would go out of business.
  4. because she's not _______ (Lets be nice, k thanks)
  5. Think you got your numbers mixed up. That's more like 320lbs than 230lbs.
  6. On the bright side, at least they didn't go with the hijab swimsuit cover.
  7. This woke revolution is seriously getting out of hand
  8. MJ needs to go, this year's issue was so disappointing.
  9. wrong tara lynn? unless she miraculously lost like 100 pounds.
  10. yeah, that set was the first time we saw massive sag.
  11. At the rate at which Leonardo goes through models, doesn't sound strange or crazy.
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