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  1. no it's her long lost twin Gracie Carvalho lol
  2. Vibe Magazine Scanned by Me
  3. Jarah Mariano http://www.complex.com/index.php?task=Gall...n=2&issue=1 She's Hawaiian btw
  4. ooh ok and Thanks Ale_Fan and others for uploading pics
  5. she was the one I was hoping it would be
  6. so do we know who are the two new angel's?
  7. So far Katja Shchekina was the best looking tonight, I think
  8. she looks like Shari Headley from "Coming to America"
  9. I found these at www.Mikeruiz.com
  10. Selita is in Pharrells new video "Number 1" (I forgot the other model name) View it here http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2731369
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