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  1. ESTI looks SO amazing in these pics!!! im so glad she has something new <3 gorgeous!!!
  2. hey! who is your avatar??!

    1. lzmillera
    2. @lice


      hey :) i have no idea she's just some random girl i found on tumblr sorry

    3. lzmillera


      lol okay, yeah my sis has been finding alot of gorgeous girls on tumblr too!! maybe thats where i need to look lol

  3. i love esti.... she needs to take a tweet pic of herself or something!! i need her face!! (:
  4. she sometimes reminds me of Lil' Kim... idn why.... i think its her nose.
  5. She has pretty eyebrows and eyes, but she ruined her face with those lips. they look very FAKE and Lumpy.... she ruined herself! :yuckky:
  6. omg its you!!!! hahaha. but same, shes so gorgeous!
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