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  1. hahahahaha Im done with high school. I was doing online, never went to a public high school in US.
  2. BIG THANK YOU TO YOU TWO!!!!!!! The fashion world is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than high school teenage girl. Ive been modeling since i was really young and grew up way faster than most of you who have normal lives, go to school everyday & have a lot of friends. I was doing ONLINE school so i never really got to experience what all of you. I DONT SMOKE and I'm going to NYC for a couple of months and I'm sorry but i can not compete with all of those girls out there with my catalogue pictures.. In NYC i have MOVED ON and I'm not a NEW FACE anymore, I'm on the main board. OHHHHH and I'm not NAKED,
  3. I was working all week in NYC, Seattle and LA during Miami International Fashion Week for much better money
  4. Thanks girls! Im planning on going to NYC and try out for Pink, i hope it works out I also wanted to find out... There is a public page on Facebook Sandra Kubicka as a public figure, did any of you create this? I want to do something about my image and i couldn't use that anymore because, it already exists. I had to use Sandra Angelika Kubicka, which is fine too... BUT My first and last name only, would've been much better. I don't see any progress in this page, so maybe i could take if from one of you.. ? IF any of you did that of course This is the page I'm talking about : http://w
  5. You bit me on posting the video I guess I am late, Sandra looks very gorgeous on this video she looks very mature older than her If I wouldn't knew she was 16 I would have thought she was 21. She kind of looks like a mixture of catalina otalvaro and ximena duque. Thanks everybody.. A little remark- I'm NOT 16 anymore and I think it makes a big difference. In this industry it happens a lot, that girls do jobs where they look older. For some of you it might look inappropriate but, I can't be a little Delia's girl for the rest of my life. I've been doing this for quite a while now and I think it
  7. Happy Birthday! :)

  8. Hello !!! You guys are too sweet ! Im sorry if i dont reply to your messages but, i dont really log in here. Your comments motivate & make me want to go further and further! THANK YOUUUUU!!! Here is the video you guys were talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlIR84gvkoo...nel_video_title
  9. When is your official site suppose to open?

  10. Happy Birthday Sandra! And the best of luck to you in whatever you do in 2011. :D

  11. Hey hope your christmas was wonderful! Hope you have an amazing new years too! <3

  12. That sounds really exciting! I have never been to Europe, but I really want to go someday! I hope you have fun and book alot of jobs!! (:

  13. Hey ! im doing well. How are you ! Im actually really excited beacuse Im going to Europe for a job and except that just working in U.S :) <3

  14. Hey So the blond girl - her name is Ashley P. and the other girl's name is Nicole V.
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