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  1. SpanishEyes

    Eva Mendes

    that Vogue series is just revolting. She looks like a hooker and I can't believe they couldn't come up with a better series for her!
  2. Tom is old enough to know if he's going to have sex w/ a woman there's a good chance he can get her pregnant. That's taught and comprehended by most people since that fun 6th grade sex ed class. If anything he just needs to be a man & own up to it and be a good father. Forget Gisele.
  3. what ever happened to her? she was awesome
  4. i saw Deja Vu (amazing film) and she's going to be a big star...very talented and pretty.
  5. i've met and seen her w/ out makeup and she is seriously flawless...gorgeous woman
  6. she's awesome. i love her vocal range and secretly hate her for her amazing bod. lol
  7. i just saw her in concert last nite....the woman is amazingly beautiful and talented
  8. do we get this in wallpaper form
  9. SpanishEyes

    Eva Longoria

    she's kinda not that pretty w/out makeup...her face shows signs of too much sun ...i hope she starts taking better care of herself or she's gonna get old FAST!
  10. NEW QUESTION: CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THREAD I NEED TO LOOK IN TO LOCATE THE PHOTOSHOOT OF ADRIANA HOLDING A BIG OL CANON CAMERA?!!!! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZE!~ thanks! back to the fight after my question is answered if you guys wanna continue that
  11. i dunno, but this winners crying face just scares me. its just freaky looking , like she's gonna swallow lots of air. lol i think japan should have won. she's MUCH prettier. plus PR's eyes are so far on each side of her face they remind me of Latoya Jackson....skeeeeeeeeeeeeeery
  12. straight up, this girl is BUTT UGLY. my husband has ass like she does but at least he's good looking in the face...damn, someone please PS her face!
  13. By BONNIE PFISTER TRENTON, N.J. Jul 30, 2006 (AP)
  14. SpanishEyes

    Eva Longoria

    that does it...eva needs to stop copying my damn haircuts!
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